• We run our subscriptions with our standard delivery lead times, so that means your subscription order will be processed immediately and will be fulfilled on the next delivery day. 
  • So that means if you start a subscription order between 10:01 AM Thursday and 10:00 PM Monday, your subscription will be set for Thursday dispatch
  • If you start a subscription order between 10:01 PM Monday and 10:00 AM Thursday, your subscription orders will be set for Sunday dispatch
  • Charges are set to come out on Thursday Evenings for Thursday dispatch
  • and Tuesday Evenings for Sunday dispatch
  • Once you log into your account on our website - you have the ability to swap, remove, add, or skip your subscription orders. This needs to be done before our order cut off time which is displayed on our website banner.
  • To ensure that you get your meals on time, these charge days are applied incase of any account/charge errors.
  • If a charge fails, you will get an email notification. Once this is resolved please contact us before the order cut off times so we can re-apply the charge so you get your Forkit meals in time.
  • If a charge fail isn't resolved before the cut off time, unfortunately we cannot fulfill your order
  • If you would like change your subscription dispatch day (out of Thursday of Sunday), please email hello@forkit.nz
  • If you have any questions or difficulties managing your subscription please email hello@forkit.nz
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